Follow these steps to become a part of NSUT IIF

Step 1

Fill up the online Application Form . The startup companies meet the NSUT IIF team and discuss their business idea, its basic outline and viability. You will be contacted within one week after filling the application form.

Prof. Prerna Gaur
Email :
Phone: 9810906245

Step 2

You will be invited to present your idea in front of our expert panel at NSUT IIF, NSUT Campus.

Step 3

The startup companies are provided assistance to apply at NSUT IIF and are required to submit the following documents (in formats mentioned):
Pitch Deck and Application Form at

Step 4

The documents submitted by the startup companies are reviewed by the selection committee members at NSUT IIF. Feedback is submitted to all the applicant companies and the shortlisted ones are invited for the first round of interviews at NSUT IIF office.

The shortlisted companies are required to deliver a startup pitch and are evaluated on various parameters by the selection Board comprising of Directors, subject matter experts and independent jury members.

Step 5

The companies who pass the first round are required to incorporate within a span of 10-15 days. Further, they are required to submit the following documents.

Step 6

On completion of incorporation, the shortlisted companies are invited for the financial round of interviews.

Initial seed fund amount, disbursement schedule and equity are decided after careful evaluation of the activity based costing sheet, business model and expense, revenue projections. The equity kept in exchange to seed fund disbursement is kept in accordance with the incubation guidelines.

Step 7

The startup company representatives are then required to present a certificate issued by their respective bank managers indicating the mode of operation of the account number, the signatories of that account and any other details shared at the time of opening of the account. Further, the representatives are required to self-attest every single page in the company file.

The startup company representatives then sign on an incubation agreement with NSUT IIF stating the modus operandi and terms and conditions as laid down in the incubation guidelines in presence of witnesses.

Step 8

Rental agreement is laid down by NSUT IIF and signed by the startup company representatives. Rooms are alloted and incubation facilities are provided, which operationalizes the bootstrapping of the incubatees at NSUT IIF.

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